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Production with free and open source software from the Free Software Laboratory for Art and Design of the Faculty of Arts – National University of La Plata in collaboration with the Makers LP Community.


SLAD – and its group of volunteer developers and designers- worked on rethinking other face shields available globally, convened by the Maker LP Community.
The versions were recently optimized to achieve the technical requirements of the 3D printing farm of the Educ-LAB laboratory (INET – Educar SE – National Ministry of Education).




To achieve the needs starting with feedback of health professionals in regional hospitals and from the experiences gathered by 3D printers technicians, the first steps was reverse engineer of models available on the internet.


Always, in an open source key, collaborative work was carried out with multiple designs, up to the final models that have the expected characteristics. The final designs were tested and accepted by health professionals from the HIGA Gral. San Martín in the city of La Plata.


These face shields, race from the effort and passion of our developers, are freely available from our repository for their massive replication around the world to satisfy the demand of both health professionals and all those who need to use them.


PFC 1.2

A single piece with a toothed belt.

The acetate sheet holds itself without the need for additional parts.

Front plane inclined against splashes while using.

Optimized to be printed on a 17 x 17cm (6.69 x 6.69 in) surface.

PFD 1.0

Large surfaces were deleted.

Structure reinforced in L.

Fast printing and low material cost.

Internal ribs to improve adherence.

PFT 1.0

One-piece with snap-fit ​​system.


Acetate insert up to 300 microns.

Ready to print alone or in a tower.

Internal ribs for greater resistance.


Face Shield PFC 1.2 [NEW RELEASE 16.05.20]

General characteristics

  •  This one piece printed version has an adjustable belt for all types of users. [v1.2]: Adjusted the length of one of the straps to fit smaller heads.
  • The face shield holds the acetate sheet itself, none other elements or objects needed. [v1.2]: Extend the front slot for sheets up to 300 microns.
  • The distance between the user’s forehead and the shield has been increased compared with other face shields in the market and internet.
  • The face shield viewers angle and curvature are based on medical regulations
  • The face shield is self regulated
  • The design is based on a 60° plane (other shields start in 45° plane) to avoid splashes in the user’s forehead. This update makes it easier to print. [v1.2]: increase in thickness, to give it more structure. The trim was modified to improve printing.
  • Ergonomic forehead clamping system. [v1.2]: decrease the thickness of the suspension arms, for greater comfort.
  • Designed for any 17 x 17cm (6.69 x 6.69 in) 3D printer keeping the printer speed.
  • Also and optional piece is included for the bottom of the acetate sheet curvature.
  • Developed for 0.4 nozzle. [v1.2]: The thicknesses have been optimized to avoid having to force the extrusion width to 0.52mm, now it comes out automatically in 0.4, or any manual value between 0.4 and 0.52 (varies only the printing time).
  • The small depressions located on the straps every 40mm cause an interruption in the nozzle path helping the walls to weld.
  • We added a chamfer at the bottom of where the acetate sheets are placed avoiding the blend between the walls.

Face Schield PFD 1.0

General characteristics

  • Version without superior protection for use in situations of direct non-exposure with infected patients.
  • Printed in one piece, easily sanitizable.
  • Large surfaces were deleted to reduce printing times.
  • Adapted for printers with surface from 17 x 17cm (6.69 x 6.69 in).
  • Reinforced «L» structure for greater rigidity structural.
  • Quick to print and economical. It only requires 19g (0.67 oz) of filament for printing.

Face Shield PFT 1.0 [NEW 25.05.20]

General characteristics

  • For daily activities (not recommended for health professionals).
  • Printed in one piece, easily sanitizable.
  • It has a set of straps that are attached to each other by pressure, adaptable to the head.
  • Adapted for printers with surface from 17 x 17cm (6.69 x 6.69 in).
  • It allows printing in stack mode, thus taking advantage of printing times, being able to stack multiple units (depending on the characteristics of the printer).
  • Also and optional piece is included for the bottom of the acetate sheet curvature.
  • Quick to print and economical: requires only 20g (0.7 oz) of filamant for printing.


The models shared here are free to use under license CC BY SA 4.0

Face Schield PFC 1.2 [NEW]

For Health professionals, with direct exposure. Includes STL, information and printing parameters.

Face Schield PFD 1.0

For support staff and daily activities.
Includes STL, information and printing parameters.

Face Schield PFT 1.0 [NEW]

For daily activities (no health services).
Includes STL, information and printing parameters.

The facial displays developed by SLAD and the LP Maker Community are under license Creative Commons Atribution-Share Alike 4.0 Internacional.



Participate / collaborate in the project: Marina Álvarez, Emiliano Albarracín, Oscar Alcalde, José Argueta Menjivar, Cristian Belvedresi, Germán Benítez, Máximo Bibiloni, Emmanuel Comesaña, Luciano Demarchi, Cadunico Fodovisk, Juan Martín Fourcaud, Ramiro Guaita, Joaquín Martinoia, Claudio Medin, Rodrigo Núñez García, Sabina Pérez Fernández, Diego Pinciroli, Ariel Ribetto, María Fernanda Rodríguez, Valeria Sararols, Florencia Tenorio, Federico Trillo

In addition, we have the collaboration of friendly institutions that trust our proposal


For questions about our face schields, or to participate in the SLAD, contact us

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For years we have been working from the public university promoting the use of collaborative tools for educational projects and the professional development of students from the Faculty of Art of La Plata, artists and designers.


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